Apply for Temporary Disability

A temporary disability, that which can render you unable to move or work, can be a problem for those who are employed and in need of income. Some injuries leave people unable to perform duties or tasks needed in their jobs. It would be difficult for an injured person to finance his or her medical expenses especially if he or she will be unable to work in the whole duration of the injury or disability.

Fortunately, those who are facing this problem  can apply for Temporary Disability benefits. Citizens  who can no longer perform any type of work because of an injury may be eligible to receive temporary benefits while the injury lasts. Benefits may last up to two years and will cover two-thirds of your wages. However, Division of Disability Determinations must first deem the eligibility of a claimant before he or she receives benefits provided by the Social Security Administration.

Temporary disability is a benefit payable if a person gets an injury or illness that makes him unable to work for more than three (3) calendar days. Unlike the Workers Compensation Benefits, Temporary Disability Benefits are given to a worker who is disabled by an injury that is not work related. The disabled worker is paid a weekly income after a waiting period of about a week.

In order to apply for Temporary Disability, you must first receive a determination that you cannot carry out your occupation’s responsibilities at all because of your injury. A physician chosen by your employer makes this determination, not your private physician. Then, you must gather information necessary to fill out the Social Security Administration’s disabilities application. You would need to know the name of the treating physician, your patient ID number, the dates you went to the hospital, any medications you are taking and any other medical records, your social security number.

You would also need to gather W-2 forms and a copy of your birth certificate. A draft list of the types of jobs you have had for the past 15 years prior to your injury is also needed. Application may be done online; visit the Social Security Administration’s website and fill out the online application for disability benefits using the information that you have gathered. After filling out the application, the Social Security Administration will deliver your materials to Division of Disability Determination. The benefit normally ceases upon the employee’s return to work or when his medical condition has stabilized.

You can check the status of your application by contacting the Division of Disability Determination Office. You may reach the office using this number: 850-488-4222. The link to the online application is provided here: Applying for Disability Benefits


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